Smart Master PIPS V36 (24)C13 (12)C19 HDOT Alt Phase 400V 16A

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Smart Master PIPS V36 (24)C13 (12)C19 HDOT Alt Phase 400V 16A

  • 36 HDOT Alt-Phase Outlets (24) C13 and (12) C19

  • 400V 3-Phase 16A PIPS

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Server Technology Smart CDU

  • High Density: Single-power input feed; (24) C13 and (12) C19 outlets per enclosure.
  • Power Distribution: 400V 3-Phase, 16A power input options.
  • Input Current Monitor: Precisely measure the aggregate current draw (in amps). On-site verification of the input current with the LED digital display. Remote verification via web browser or serial screen.
  • IP Access & Security: Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, RADIUS, TACACS and RS-232 access
  • Alerts: Provide automated SNMP-based alarms or email alerts for power and environmental conditions
  • Environmental Monitoring: Each Smart CDU supports two external temperature & humidity probes and reports conditions through the user interface without the need for additional IP addresses
  • Add an Expansion Module: Connect the Smart Expansion CDU (CL) to a Master unit (CS) for power monitoring of separate power circuits from a single IP address


Artikelnummer CS36CD-4NAF2S66
Produkt Verfügbarkeit Keine Angabe
Steckdosen C-13 & C-19 Kaltgeräte
Volt 400 Volt
Phasen dreiphasig
PDU Typ Alternating Phase PDU