Automatic Transfer Switch

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Automatic Transfer Switch
SKU: ATSAR128H1013

Automatic Transfer Switch

Input/output characteristics:

• Rated input voltage: 250VAC 50/60 Hz
• Input standard: IEC 320 C20 (2pcs)
• Cable specification: 3 x 1.5 mm 2pcs C19/C20 Cable lenght: 2 meters
• Max. input current: 2 x 16 A

Output characteristics:
• Socket standard IEC 320 C13 Rated current: 10 A

• Outlet quanitity: 8 IEC C19 Rated current 16 A Outlet quantity 2

• Rated output voltage: 220 VAC

Product dimensions: L x W x H = 482,6 x 220 x 44.4 mm


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Total load current Input & Output voltage Power supply A/B


  • User-defined: Threshold of total load current
  • A threshold of input voltage
  • System default: When the threshold of total load current is exceeded; When the threshold of input voltage is exceeded; When power supply goes wrong; When the automatic switch happens
Alarm method:
  • Audible and visual alarm (external connection)
  • E-Mail alerts
  • SNMP trap
Log record: Record and save the operating and alert information which can be exported
System setting: Set ATS System clock; Set the threshold of current & voltage Set the preferred power source; Set switch over time
Access method: Web-based, access via IE; SNMP V1, Serial (Control console: Hyper Terminal)


Artikelnummer ATSAR128H1013
Produkt Verfügbarkeit Nein
Steckdosen C-13 & C-19 Kaltgeräte
Volt 230 Volt
Phasen einphasig
PDU Typ Nein