Lehmann The Company

The company Lehmann GmbH:

We are known as an innovative, competent manufacturer of server and network cabinet systems for secure and efficient IT infrastructure and as a reliable supplier of IT and electronics industry.

IT Solutions Infrastructre:

Economical and safe solutions for small to medium server rooms, room-in -room solutions as an IT security cell to larger data centers are not a problem for us. The innovative product range covers classic racks, enclosures after the cold aisle hot aisle principle, intelligent PDUs and UPS systems, row cooling units, side refrigerators, direct rack cooling for high packing densities, cooling, free cooling and much more.

Silent Solutions:

As a special feature we offer unique solutions for noise reduction of IT hardware in sensitive environments, wherever loud IT hardware in offices, meeting and training rooms to be operated. With the brand Silent Solutions Lehmann has soundproofed 19" cabinets and enclosures in various designs in the program.

Efficiency Solutions:

Our experienced project team, together with partners excellent one-stop service from the first meeting, about the conception, design, production and assembly through to reliable service and support. All the motto Efficiency IT Solutions by Lehmann.

About Us

Lehmann was founded in 1983 and initially set printer hoods with noise and dust forth. For noisy PCs we have developed special CPU container also with noise and dust protection. Over time, we have specialized just to name a few in the production of LAN-shelf systems and computer consoles for server rooms, data centers, control rooms, laboratories, workshops.

The increasing development of the server environment through to 19" format led us to 19" to develop and manufacture cabinets (network cabinets, server cabinets and racks ). Our 19" cabinets are of course all Made in Germany! Due to the know-how in the field of noise protection, we have a 19" designed cabinet with sound insulation 19" acoustic cabinet in all standard sizes and designs. It was followed by the Office variant , the 19" Office Rack and 19" Office Rack Acoustics. The sound-insulated 19" Acoustic Cabinets have been a success story that shows us that you can be successful with innovative and meaningful solutions. We re also pleased that we were able to do many people who are exposed to stress -generating hardware noise, something good - namely, the noise reduction in the working environment.

The demands of today's hardware, we are followed cabinet models, followed by the Series 19" With the development of other high-end 19 RZ Pro Racks and racks, the maximum stability and with a depth of 1200 mm - were designed for professional use.

With increasing power of the hardware, the requirements in terms of cooling, and are particularly increased in rack climate control. As a plug and play solution to the 19" cabinet with roof air conditioning unit and a special air duct system in a 19" cabinet for the ideal cold air intake for server originated . To meet the challenge of high packing densities, for example, by so-called 1U pizza servers and blade servers , we brought the Side Cooler rack on the market . 19" rack with side air-water heat exchanger. The Side Cooler is a highly efficient rack climate with a capacity up to 30 KW. An important and innovative contribution to our company to Green IT and environmentally conscious thinking and action in today's IT infrastructure. The Side Cooler rack sets standards in terms of maximum energy efficiency with cost reduction and environmentally friendly IT.

The 19" cabinet range is constantly being expanded and improved through innovative solutions in the field of UPS, Rack Monitoring, PDUs with IP access and control and alarm functions with regard to power supply, temperature, humidity, smoke, and a lot more of us.

Another business segment is our KVM Solutions Center specializing in distribution and project business when it comes access via KVM over IP, KVM Extender, digital signage to KVM switches, server management, remote maintenance of remote server environments. We rely on our many years of experience and cooperation with major manufacturers. As a distributor we offer the best pricing and service for KVM solutions: Rose Electronics, Adder, ATEN, Altusen, Minicom, Raritan. The KVM Solutions Center offers expert advice, customized solutions, customer-friendly service and of course after sales support.

We also have other IT accessories like LCD, TFT, Plasma Brackets for wall mounting or as a wheeled trolleys in our program.

We understand our business with the following principles:

Service, advice and support at the top.
Quality at fair prices
Customer proximity and ease and common business after the win-win principle

Last but not least,

As we continue to expand our product portfolio and our service, we have moved into our new building in September 2012 to present and future requirements to meet.