19-inch server cabinet as wall cabinet

If you are looking for a space and cost-saving solution for a 19-inch server cabinet, a wall cabinet is an excellent option. It can easily store a smaller number of IT devices, which is why wall cabinets are ideal for homes or smaller offices. As the name suggests, the corresponding server cabinet can be easily attached to the wall.

19" Wandschrank | 19" Wandgehäuse 19" Wandschränke mit Lüfter Wandgehäuse
Standard 19-inch wall cabinet

Wall-mounted 19-inch server racks with fan

19-inch wall-mounted enclosure IP549 

What makes a 19-inch wall cabinet stand out?

A 19-inch wall-mounted cabinet is a great solution for private households or businesses that don't need a full server cabinet, since the IT equipment to be stored is kept within manageable limits. The advantage is obvious: the smaller wall-mounted models are significantly less expensive and take up less space than traditional cabinets. Because they are wall-mounted, they do not take up floor space that would be rendered unusable by a server cabinet.

On our site, you can find standard 19-inch wall-mounted cabinets both with and without an integrated ventilation system. Some models have a lockable viewing door, through which you always have the equipment in view without having to open the cabinet itself. We can recommend these models for all IT and telecommunication applications. The so-called wall-mounted enclosures, on the other hand, are more suitable for industrial areas, as they offer a high level of protection against dust and splash water, which occurs in the increased form in industrial production and manufacturing halls. Accordingly, they also have a lockable door made of steel.

In our offer, you can find 19-inch wall cabinets with heights of 7, 9, 12, and 16 U. The unit "U" in this case stands for height unit, measures 44.45 mm, and describes the maximum number of IT equipment that can be stored in the respective server cabinet. IT equipment such as servers and routers are manufactured in standardized dimensions and thus take up exactly one U in the cabinet. A server rack with a height of 7 U accordingly offers space for up to seven devices.

What should be considered when buying a wall cabinet?

Basically, the wall cabinet should of course be large enough to provide enough space for all your IT equipment, which means that the minimum size to be selected is defined by your needs. However, we like to recommend our customers not only to think about the current space requirements but also to have an eye on a possible future enlargement of the network architecture. In the case of a 19-inch server rack, an additional 20 percent space is a good point of reference, considering the space requirements, in order to be well prepared for a possible expansion.

In addition to space, the protection requirements are of course another weighty decision-making basis according to which a server cabinet should be selected. If your equipment requires additional, special protection from water or from dirt and dust, you should consider selecting a 19-inch wall cabinet with splash protection and an integrated filter system that keeps the interior of the cabinet free of dust and dirt particles.

Since electronic equipment emits heat during operation, which can build up in the server cabinet and cause high temperatures there that can harm the IT equipment, you should also consider a unit with a cooling system. For this purpose, we have models with built-in fans in our assortment, which ensure that the cabinets are permanently ventilated and thus overheating does not occur.

Another criterion for the selection of a wall cabinet is the accessibility of the IT equipment. If you want to have a permanent view of the equipment, it is recommended to choose a model with a transparent glass door. If, on the other hand, you regularly need to get to the back of the individual devices, a wall cabinet with a pivoting main section, for example, is more likely to be an option for you.

What are the advantages of 19-inch wall cabinets?

Depending on the requirements, we recommend a 19-inch wall cabinet to our prospective customers. In some cases, this is the solution with the best cost-benefit ratio. In addition, these models offer numerous advantages that some people may not even think about.

Space and cost savings

We have already briefly touched on the two most obvious advantages that a wall cabinet has over conventional server cabinets: cost savings and space savings. Right from the start, wall cabinets are designed and laid out to take up as little space as possible. Especially in retail, office, or other spaces where floor space is costly, wall space that is not needed and instead otherwise unused is made usable.

Low assembly effort

Furthermore, the overall effort regarding assembly, installation of the devices, and maintenance are significantly lower than for the large server cabinet models. The 19-inch wall cabinet is delivered to you already completely pre-assembled so that you can immediately start with the wall mounting. All necessary screws and nuts are of course included. On the back of the cabinet are already incorporated mounting holes.

After that, you can immediately continue with the connection of the IT devices. This work can also usually be done with comparatively little effort, which, however, also depends on the corresponding model. A cabinet with removable side panels is of course easier to install than a model without.

Cable management can also be solved easily in a wall-mounted cabinet by simply tying the few cables together with cable ties or alternatively by attaching them to the walls of the rack. We recommend using cables with the optimal length to ensure order in the cabinet.

High protection

The protection offered by wall cabinets for IT equipment is extremely high. As a rule, they are made of extremely robust sheet steel construction and have lockable steel doors that are almost impossible to open without a key. Since wall cabinets are often placed in busy places like stores, they need this high level of theft protection. In addition, of course, the protection against external influences such as dust, dirt, and high temperatures is also very high.

Efficient cooling

Wall-mounted cabinets can be equipped with both passive and active cooling systems. Passive cooling systems use only ambient air, which they direct into the cabinet through recessed air vents or grilles, creating an airflow that supplies cold air to the equipment inside. Since wall-mounted cabinets are significantly smaller than server cabinets, this air circulation is easier to maintain and accordingly works much more efficiently.

Active cooling systems in wall-mounted cabinets usually have a fan installed that supplies the server cabinet with cooled air. In contrast to a passive cooling system, the cooling capacity is significantly higher, but the operation must be maintained with electricity. Due to its smaller volume, a wall-mounted case consumes considerably less power than a server rack, which is why the operating costs are significantly lower for the same cooling performance. We recommend an active cooling system if you have a large number of IT devices that are stored tightly in the cabinet and therefore generate a high heat load.

Uncomplicated care

The maintenance and cleaning of a wall cabinet are also much easier due to its smaller surface area. Over time, dust can collect inside the cabinet, which can also block important ventilation or cooling systems. Air circulation is interrupted and so-called "hot spots" form in the cabinet, which can lead to overheating and thus to damage and failure of the IT equipment. The purchase of new IT equipment, downtime, or possible data loss can cause extremely high costs, which can far exceed the expenses for a 19-inch wall cabinet.

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