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19-inch server rack for the home office from Lehmann IT

In the online store of Lehmann IT, you will find the perfect 19-inch server cabinet for the home office. Since the housing of the models is made of wood, the cabinet fits perfectly into the already existing furniture.

For whom is a wooden server cabinet worthwhile?
In principle, wooden server cabinets are of course suitable for anyone who permanently operates electronic IT equipment at home or in a professional environment. A server cabinet protects the equipment inside from external influences, which on the one hand reduces failures, and on the other hand extends the general life of the servers, routers, or switches. In addition, shield the noise caused by IT equipment, so that no disturbing sounds are heard during operation.

So, the 19-inch wooden server cabinets are perfect for the home office, especially if the corresponding IT equipment is located in a direct working environment. In addition, they can also be placed in office and conference rooms, medical practices, laboratories, or recording studios. Since a conventional server cabinet often stands out strongly from normal furniture in the form of cabinets, desks, or shelves, we have developed a solution that can be easily and organically integrated into the already existing furniture. If you do not find a model with the right size and color for your furniture, we can make a special solution on request.

Note:  Special sizes and special colors are available on request!!!

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What are the advantages of the server cabinet for the home office?

The server cabinet offers extensive protection for your entire IT equipment and thus reduces all failures and downtimes to a minimum. Furthermore, it shields external influences that can have an impact on the electronics and thus negatively affect the lifespan of the equipment. A longer service life, therefore, prevents the regular and extremely costly purchase of new IT equipment.

Of course, data protection also plays a major role. If you manage large amounts of data in your home office or in the office and need to be able to access it permanently as part of your work, possible failures are already very annoying. However, a complete server failure can also lead to a complete loss of data, which is often far more problematic than the purchase of a new device. But what exactly does the server and network cabinet protect against and how can you benefit from it?

Protection from high temperatures through cooling and ventilation

Ensuring that your 19-inch server rack has adequate and sufficient climate control for your servers and network devices is also extremely important in the home office. Temperatures that are too high or too low can cause problems with the operation of the IT equipment, which can sometimes lead to failures or impaired performance. So, permanent and good cooling and ventilation ensures a flawless operation even in the home office and protects you from technical problems. The device's service life also benefits from air conditioning. Temperatures that are too high or too low place a high load on the components of the servers, routers, and switches and lead to device failure in the medium to long term. So it is recommended to keep your server in a good temperature range at all times to optimize its performance and lifespan.

The server cabinets for the home office from Lehmann IT offer integrated cooling systems. Built-in fans permanently bring air into the cabinet to ensure good air circulation there. This prevents the formation of so-called hot spots, which can occur locally at isolated points in the cabinet. As there is usually no air circulation at these points, the heat radiated by the IT equipment during operation accumulates and leads to overheating in the further course of time. Our ventilation system maintains a steady flow of air throughout the cabinet, keeping all equipment cool. The built-in fans are soundproofed, so there is no audible and annoying noise even during operation.

Protection from dust, dirt and liquid

A server and network cabinet protect your electronic network equipment from dust and dirt buildup, which can also be dangerous to its operation and lifespan. Dust and dirt can cause significant problems if they get into your IT and network equipment. For example, if they get onto a circuit board, the insulation resistance of the material between the traces is reduced. Furthermore, the particles prevent the necessary cooling of the sensitive devices, which can lead to an increased temperature. A regular cleaning program is therefore essential if you want to protect your devices from dust and dirt. However, an alternative is the preventive purchase of a server cabinet, which already prevents the formation and penetration of dust.

Furthermore, our server cabinets also protect against liquids. Especially in the home office, it can quickly happen that a hot cup of coffee or tea falls over and the liquid gets onto electronic devices if they are not sufficiently protected. Liquids are sometimes the worst-case scenario for any electronic device and are often unusable afterward. Often, a defect is also accompanied by the loss of all data.

A server cabinet in the home office, therefore, ensures reliable operation, so that you can also work well from home and also protects all data. Even in the event of a break-in, your IT equipment is well protected against possible theft by the lockable doors.

Noise protection

Electronic equipment not only produces heat during operation but also generates noise. This constant noise can become annoying after a certain time and negatively affect your productivity. Our server cabinets are equipped with a shielding acoustic foam on the inside, which completely isolates the noise generated inside the cabinet and thus prevents any noise from escaping to the outside. In addition, the acoustic foam has flame-retardant properties to provide protection in case of fire.

Which 19-inch server cabinet is right for your home office?

The ideal server cabinet for the home office is a compact cabinet that offers enough space for all your servers, routers, or switches as well as some cables. It should be made of high-quality material and offer good air circulation. Also, a lockable model is recommended to ensure the safety of your devices.

Our server cabinets for the home office are made of melamine-coated KSP wood panels, which are high in workmanship and quality and also leave a visually appealing impression. The melamine coating also ensures extremely long durability of the wooden boards. In terms of color, you should orientate the choice of the cabinet to the furniture in your home office, so that the server cabinet fits perfectly into the picture of the rest of the furnishings.

Of course, the dimensions of your server cabinet depend largely on the number of IT devices you have and the space available. In general, however, we always recommend our customers to choose a slightly larger cabinet so that you are well prepared for a possible expansion of the IT equipment. The amount of data and the data itself that needs to be managed in the work environment keeps growing, so it may well be that the purchase of new servers will be necessary for the future.

Basically, our server cabinets have a height of 12 HE (HE = height units). Since all IT equipment and server cabinets have standardized sizes, 1 U provides space for exactly one network device. In terms of length, width and height, however, the models vary greatly. So here you should look for a model that is suitable for your space requirements.

Some of our server cabinets offer a glass viewing door, which allows you to have a permanent view of the servers, routers, and switches even when closed. Of course, if you don't need this, we also offer models with a solid door.

So our cabinet models offer a wide variety, so you can find the right server cabinet for your needs. If you don't find what you are looking for, we can also produce a custom solution to meet your exact needs.

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