Small 19-inch Server Cabinets 12U & 25U

Are you looking for a practical solution to organize your hardware in your home office or small office? Then you should not miss the 19-inch Office Server Cabinet from Lehmann! With 12U or 25U, this cabinet provides ample space for your hardware in 19-inch and/or tower or desktop formats. Additionally, the 19-inch Office Server Cabinet Acoustic is equipped with an interior lining of acoustic foam, minimizing disruptive noises from your hardware.

This cabinet is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the black RAL9005 powder coating, it blends perfectly into any space. Whether you want to use it in a home office, conference or training rooms, hospitals or medical practices, agencies, or architectural offices – the 19-inch Office Server Cabinet Acoustic is the ideal solution for noiseless and stylish storage of your hardware. With Lehmann, you choose top-quality from Germany!

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Lehmann IT - Your Partner for Server and Network Cabinets

If you have any questions about our products or would like to commission a custom-made product, feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone, email, or through our contact form.

There is a variety of accessories for server and network cabinets. These include:

  1. Cable Management and Routing: 19" cable management panels and cable organizers help to organize and route cables in a neat and orderly manner.

  2. Mounting Hardware: Cage nuts and T-nuts are used to securely mount devices in the cabinets.

  3. Blanking Panels: Blanking or rack panels are used to cover empty areas in the cabinet to ensure better air circulation and aesthetics.

  4. Rails and Cable Management Rails: C-profile rails and cable management rails provide additional support for devices and assist in cable management.

  5. Grounding Accessories: Grounding solutions ensure proper electrical grounding and protection against static discharge.

  6. Shelves: Fixed or extendable shelves are available to store non-rack-mounted devices or accessories.

  7. Sliding Rails: Sliding rails or device carriers facilitate the pulling out and access to devices in the cabinet.

  8. Locks and Handles: Levers, locks, and handles are used for secure access control to the cabinet.

  9. Cable Fastenings: Cable ties and Velcro straps help secure cables and prevent tangling.

  10. Cable Management Hooks: Cable hooks are used for organizing and laying cables within the cabinet.

  11. Fans and Cooling: Cooling accessories such as fans ensure proper air circulation and temperature control in the cabinet.

  12. Monitoring and Control: Various tools for measuring, switching, and regulating devices in the cabinet are available.

  13. Casters and Feet: Casters or feet can be added to the cabinet for easy mobility or stability.

  14. Drawers and Keyboard Trays: Cabinets can be equipped with drawers or keyboard trays for convenient storage and accessibility.

  15. Vertical Cable Channels: Vertical cable channels or cable management channels help to route and manage cables vertically in the cabinet.

  16. Lighting: Lighting accessories provide illumination in the cabinet for better visibility and convenience.

  17. Heating: Heating elements can be installed to ensure controlled temperature conditions in the cabinet.

  18. Monitor Mounts: Special mounts for attaching 19" monitors in the cabinet are available.

  19. DIN Rails: DIN rails or mounting rails are used for the installation and organization of DIN rail devices.

  20. Fire Protection: 19" fire protection solutions help protect devices and prevent damage during emergencies.

  21. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous accessories for server and network cabinets.