Printer hoods with sound and dust protection from Lehmann IT

At Lehmann IT you can find several models of printer hoods suitable for different types of printers, providing protection against dust or reducing noise emission. For safe and noise-reduced storage of computers, we also have special cases in our offer.

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Staubschutzhauben für Nadeldrucker und Laserdrucker Druckerhauben mit Staub-und Lärmschutz für Laserdrucker mit Laserdruckern die Filterung von Staubpartikeln. Maßanfertgungen sind auf Wunsch möglich.  
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Why is the purchase of printer hoods worthwhile?

Printers, copiers, and scanners are standard equipment in every office and can also be found in most private apartments and houses. Despite the progress of digitalization, printers and other devices continue to play an important role in everyday life and in the working environment and are accordingly used frequently. Since printers are electronic devices that are expensive to purchase and are also susceptible to damage and failure due to external influences such as dust, it is worthwhile to have the additional protection that our printer covers can provide. It doesn't matter how often the printer is used, because large quantities of dust particles are produced especially when it is not in use.

Protection against dust and dirt deposits

Some of our printer hoods offer full protection against dust and dirt deposits, which accumulate over time on and inside the device and can potentially significantly affect the functioning or printing process. Laser printers in particular are extremely susceptible to dust deposits. For example, these can clog the print heads, causing paper jams. The dust deposits inside the device also accumulate over time and are usually only noticed when the printer itself is defective and needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

Regular cleaning of the interior is, of course, also a way to rid printers, scanners, and copiers of the particles, but these, if done regularly, properly, and thoroughly, are not only extremely time-consuming but also require the appropriate know-how to get to all the places inside the device. By purchasing a printer cover, you save yourself the enormous effort that would be required for any cleaning work, as well as costs for possible new purchases or repairs.

Furthermore, the extensive protection of the devices preventively prevents the occurrence of downtimes. These disrupt workflows and potentially cause your employees to be unable to do their jobs. Perhaps you are a smaller company, which does not have the possibility to fall back on another device and is accordingly dependent on the respective print device. Especially in this case we recommend printer hoods in order not to miss an important deadline due to a failure of the printing device.

Printer hoods not only protect against dust deposits but can also prevent or slow down the penetration of liquids. Especially in office environments, employees usually drink a lot of coffee, tea, or water, which can quickly lead to liquid spills, possibly in the immediate vicinity of the printer. Penetrating liquids can cause significant damage to electronic equipment and lead to a direct defect. Printer hoods at least give you or the appropriate employee the time to prevent a defect and remove the liquid before it enters the interior.

As already briefly mentioned, dust and dirt on and in the device can have a significant impact on the printing process and thus also worsen the print quality. Especially with documents or graphics that are sent externally to existing or potential customers, low print quality can leave an extremely poor impression.

Another advantage that printer hoods offer you is the great flexibility in the location of the corresponding devices. This means that you no longer have to rely on finding places that are as dust-free as possible. If necessary, you can also place the printer in an industrial hall where there is an extremely high dust density. Especially in production and manufacturing, printed documents such as technical drawings are often still used, which is why printers continue to be highly relevant in this area. However, as electronic devices, they are basically not designed for the circumstances that exist there. With a printer hood, you give the device the necessary protection to withstand these conditions.

Reduction of noise and sound

Other models for printer hoods, instead of providing protection from dust particles, allow for reducing the noise generated by printers, scanners, and copiers. This is especially relevant for the so-called dot-matrix printers, as they generate significantly greater noise than, for example, laser printers. Especially in work environments, print devices can often emit a volume of noise that disturbs employees at work. In offices where, for example, a lot of phone calls are made or agreements have to be reached, the noise can also be extremely disturbing and have a negative impact on work processes. Loud printers are also a disruptive factor in direct customer environments. Especially in rooms or areas such as libraries, museums, or doctors' offices, where silence usually prevails, the noise generated can disturb the quiet atmosphere even more significantly. With a printer hood with integrated sound insulation, the relevant devices can also be used in the direct vicinity of employees and customers without them being affected.

Which printer hood is right for you?

Which printer hood is the right one for you naturally depends to a large extent on your individual requirements. In the following, however, we would like to give you a few pointers to guide you in your selection. If you are still not sure, you are of course welcome to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right printer hood for you. If you have special requirements, we are also able to design an individual solution according to your needs.

Dust or noise protection or both?

Of course, it depends on the environment in which the printer is stored and on the frequency in which the device is used. If the device is located in the direct vicinity of your employees, a sound-insulated hood is recommended in any case. If the printer is placed in a dusty environment, a dust filter is essential. In general, laser printers require dust protection due to their technical functionality, whereas dot matrix printers require noise protection. However, we often recommend our prospects and customers to invest in printer hoods with dust and noise protection, as you will be much more flexible in using them.

What size do you need?

How big the hood needs to depend, of course, on the dimensions of your printing device. Basically, however, there are standardized dimensions for various print sizes and types, to which our printer hoods are matched. The specifications of your printer regarding width, height, and depth can usually be found in the manual, otherwise, they can also be measured in advance. Accordingly, these dimensions represent the minimum size for the printer hood, so a slightly larger model should be selected.

Special functions

In addition, several of our models have additional features that may be useful based on your requirements. For example, a built-in access panel makes it easier to remove the paper, which is an advantage when printing at high frequency, for example. Furthermore, hoods with integrated fans can be selected, which ensures that the devices are permanently ventilated to prevent possible overheating. Especially for devices that are placed in environments with high temperatures, we definitely recommend a built-in ventilation system. This can apply to print devices in hot industrial halls, but also to devices placed in close proximity to a heater or window.

Order printer hoods & PC cases from Lehmann IT

All of our hoods and enclosures are produced in Germany and accordingly feature an extremely high quality of construction and workmanship. So if you are interested in a printer hood, but have further questions about our models, you can, of course, contact our customer service. You can reach us both via email, phone, or via our contact form