Brandfrühesterkennung und Löschtechnik für Netzwerk- und Serverschränke

Early fire detection and extinguishing technology for network and server racks - ultra-compact, with maximum protection!

Fires in server cabinets lead if not detected in time to fouling and corrosion of large areas of the hardware. Aggressive fumes can damage all the technology, along with the loss of irreplaceable data. Self-contained, air-conditioned server/cabinet systems are not adequately secured with conventional fire protection, as a fire detection outside cabinets reacted much too late.

TITANUS RACK · SENS® WAGNER provides a very cost-efficient fire protection solution for cabinets with 482.6 mm construction (19"). The integration in existing and in new equipment, thanks to the modular technology anytime relaying and adaptable, as well as in concentrated data centers for local detection and initiation of targeted partial protection measures. Only with an aspirating smoke is fulfilling the highest demands guarantees to the fire detection even under difficult conditions such. as at high air velocity and the associated strong smoke dilution.

Designed for:

  • Network and server cabinets
  • Telecommunication boxes
  • Control cabinets
  • Low voltage cabinets

Customer benefits

  • Integrated system for early fire detection (1U) and control (2U or 1U with external deletion) directly in EDP, server, or control cabinet
  • Cost monitoring of up to five units with a System
  • Up to 400 times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors of fire detection
  • Reliable detection despite high air velocities
  • High deceptive alarm immunity with fire pattern recognition thanks LOGIC · SENS
  • Individual adjustment of response
  • Maintenance with interactive diagnosis without interrupting operation
  • Central monitoring, remote diagnostics, and remote maintenance with networking
  • Optional use of second detector module for two-detector dependency

Wide range of applications - individually depending on requirements 

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