Buying server cabinets and network cabinets

When buying a server cabinet and network cabinet, there are a few things to consider to ensure that it meets your needs and does exactly what it is supposed to. Your network technology, your hardware and your data must be stored safely and thus professionally! Therefore, you can rely on our many years of experience, our expertise and our high quality standards as a German manufacturer. We are happy to support you with advice and action. Buy your server cabinet directly from the manufacturer with decades of experience.
Your hardware is too loud? Your hardware needs cooling? You want to protect your hardware from fire or just store it safely?

If you have any questions regarding the purchase, assembly or maintenance of your cabinet, we are of course available for you by phone as well as by e-mail. We look forward to your inquiry.

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What is a server cabinet?

A server cabinet is a cabinet usually made of sheet steel for safe storage of IT hardware and protection of this hardware from overheating, external influences and theft of your IT components. Furthermore, a server cabinet ensures the security of your data by protecting important hardware from unauthorized access. 

What are the types of cabinets?

The standardized variant of the frame of a server cabinet has a width of 19 inches and a height of 10 to 42 HE.

Of course, we also manufacture individual solutions tailored to your exact requirements and needs. In this case, we will be happy to fulfill any corresponding extra requests. To do this, you only need to describe your ideas as precisely as possible to us in advance. 


What are the types of cabinets?

The standardized variant of the frame of a server cabinet has a width of 19 inches and a height of 10 to 42 HE.

Of course, we also manufacture individual solutions tailored to your exact requirements and needs. In this case, we will be happy to fulfill any corresponding extra requests. To do this, you only need to describe your ideas as precisely as possible to us in advance. 

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Difference between open and closed cabinets

Furthermore, a distinction is made between so-called closed and open server cabinets. While closed network cabinets either have a door on the front or an additional one on the back, open server cabinets can usually be opened from all sides.

This of course has the advantage that all network components are more easily accessible, making it much easier to change IT equipment or make adjustments.

Furthermore, they are usually more cost-effective and allow better air circulation from the ground up thanks to the open form. Closed server cabinets, on the other hand, offer greater protection against dust and moisture as well as against possible theft. Furthermore, closed network cabinets are better insulated against sound, which is why they are significantly quieter than open cabinets. We recommend that all server cabinets are equipped with Lehmann certified fans to ensure optimal cooling of all components.

What does U im mean for servers and IT equipment?

A unit used specifically for IT cabinets defines the height of the cabinet and therefore how many network devices can be stored and installed in total. In this case, U stands for height unit and always corresponds to a height of 1.75 inches or 44.45 mm. This is a standardized and uniform height that is also used as standard for servers and other IT products. A height of 12 U therefore means that there is room for a total of 12 network devices in the cabinet.

picture Perforated Rail with U Units

Size specification in inches. What are inches?  

1 inch is the metric equivalent of 25.4 mm. In the USA and Europe, cabinets and racks with a mounting width of 19 inches have established themselves as the industry standard.

What to consider when buying a server rack?

The total widths and total depths of a server or network cabinet as well as the total height are important. In the USA and Europe, 42 and 48 U have become established in terms of height. However, there are also smaller server cabinets with 12, 20, 25 and 34 height units.

The overall widths and, above all, overall depths are not standardized. As a rule, there are total widths of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm. All total widths comply with the 19 inch standard, as 19 inches are 482.60 mm.

Valuable tips for the install of server cabinets.

The construction of a cabinet should be thoroughly planned in advance to avoid mistakes. Adjusting the position or equipment of a cabinet that has already been built can be difficult and requires a correspondingly large amount of work. For this reason, you should consider some aspects before the construction.

Choosing a suitable location

Depending on where your server cabinet or network cabinet is to be used, it must meet different requirements: The conditions in a dusty room are different from those in an office. Accordingly, it is important to decide whether your cabinet should be dust and splash-proof to IP54 or IP55, or whether you want to protect yourself and your employees from IT noise with a soundproof server cabinet.

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What is cable management?

There are often hundreds of cables in a server and network cabinet. You don't like to lose the overview here and would like to sort the cables. Therefore Lehmann offers many possibilities to sort and organize cables in the 19 inch area. Lehmann offers individual cable management brackets and patch panels, as well as horizontal and vertical cable ducts to organize your cables in the server or network cabinet.

Flexible server network cabinet casters/leveling feet/interchangeable door hinge.

What is a flexible network or server cabinet? Almost every Lehmann cabinet model can be made flexible by adding casters, including heavy-duty casters. What does flexibility mean for server and network cabinets? So your server rack then becomes mobile and can easily be moved around the location

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How to protect a server from fire?

Fire-protected server and network cabinets are protected against the penetration of flames for 90 minutes with fire protection panels. This is referred to as an F90 or fire resistance class of 90, which means that a fire cannot harm your hardware and built-in devices for 90 minutes.

What does noise protection for server cabinets and network cabinets mean?

What are decibels? What are dB(A)? The following table shows different sound events and the corresponding decibel value:

Above 60 dB(A), sounds are perceived as unpleasant and disturbing. Work performance decreases when hardware causes disturbing noises in the work environment.

Lehmann GmbH, as a manufacturer of server and network cabinets, offers server and network cabinets insulated by means of acoustic foam, which significantly dampens the noise emission of IT equipment. This is achieved by soundproofing cavities in all technically possible places and by quieter ventilation.

picture Sound Proof Server Housing 

Noise source dB
Normal breathing sounds of a human 10
Conversation in whisper volume 30
Conversation in normal volume 60
Vacuum cleaner 70
Internal combustion engine of a passenger car from a distance of 1 meter 90
Loud music from headphones 95
Wood circular saw 100
Motorized chain saw 120
Turbine of an airplane from 1 meter distance 140

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How is a server cabinet air conditioned?

What does active cooling and air conditioning mean in a server or network cabinet? What are air-conditioning server cabinets?

Active cooling means that the hardware in a server and network cabinet is cooled by means of an air conditioner.

In practice, high temperatures occur simultaneously in a server and network cabinet with high packing density. It makes sense to counteract these temperatures at the point of origin. This is achieved by an air conditioner mounted in or on the network server cabinet. This saves the expensive cooling of an entire room, which leads to direct energy cost savings and the conservation of resources and the environment.

In the area of server and network cabinets, energy is immediately saved by cooling only the "microcosm" of the server cabinet.

Server and network cabinets can be cooled by means of a refrigerant-driven air conditioning system or a water cooling unit. A special position is occupied here by passive rear cooling doors, i.e. so-called rear cool doors, which have a built-in water heat exchanger in the rear door.

Why do some cabinets have perforated doors?

Why do server and network cabinets need perforated doors, also known as perforated doors?

Server and network cabinets in the data center often have cooling through the room or via a raised floor. This means that air must be able to flow through the server and network cabinet, encountering as little resistance as possible. For this purpose, perforated, i.e. perforated sheet metal doors are available for network and server cabinets. Your hardware devices are protected from mechanical access. Nevertheless, the waste heat of your devices from the server or network cabinet and cooling air enters the server or network cabinet.

This is also referred to as passive ventilation or cooling of a server cabinet.



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What are special forms and variations of 19 inch cabinets?

A special form of a cabinet is, among other things, a server cabinet that is divided into several compartments. This is called a colocation rack. Here, a 42 U or 48 U 19 inch colocation server rack is divided into two, three, four or six separate compartments.

What does it mean for a server rack to be used as a colocation rack?

Office buildings used by different companies or public institutions often have a central server room that is used jointly by different independent users. Therefore, this is called a colocation, i.e. a shared location.

This means that in such a server room servers and hardware have to be accommodated by several owners, who then share one or more server racks.

Therefore, Lehmann GmbH manufactures cabinets called Colocation Racks, which have several strictly separated compartments in one rack.

Such a server rack has different locks and keys per compartment, which only allow the key holder access to the respective server rack compartment.


What can be installed in 19 inch server cabinets?

As the name suggests, the installation of servers is the most important aspect of server cabinets. However, they are not the only IT equipment that can be easily stored in the corresponding cabinets.

Server cabinets can also be used for: