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In the online store of Lehmann IT, you will find a wide range of accessories for your 19-inch server rack, which will enhance it, optimize it or add additional functions. If you have any questions about the individual products, you are of course welcome to contact us. In the following, however, we would like to briefly introduce a few items from our range and explain in which case they may be of interest to you.

 Zubehör für Serverschränke Brandfrühesterkennung und Löschtechnik für Netzwerk- und Serverschränke – ultrakompakt, bei maximalem Schutz! Stabilität und Belastbarkeit und damit die Sicherheit für Ihre Hardware stehen bei der Konstruktion und Verarbeitung des Profi LAN-Organisationssystems im Vordergrund. Die Stationen sind individuell konfigurierbar.
Zubehör für 19" Serverschränke Brandfrühesterkennung Profi LAN-Organisationssystem
Server Rack Monitoring System 19" RackMaster Power Distribution Unit
Server Rack Monitoring System 19" RackMaster

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USV - Stromversorgung KVM-Switches 19" Scalergy-Tab ChargingStation for Tablet Computer

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19" Charging-Station for Tablet Computer




Slide-in fans and roof hoods

Slide-in fans have two integrated fans and are perfect for increasing the cooling inside the cabinet. Perhaps the number of devices in the server cabinet has increased recently, which means that the current cooling system no longer has the power to maintain the appropriate cooling. Or you may want to move the cabinet to a warmer location, which also requires greater cooling capacity.

The roof bonnets sometimes also have fans integrated and can thus increase the cooling capacity of the cabinet. Basically, however, these add exhaust vents that maintain air circulation inside the rack. In this way, you ensure that the IT equipment continues to be optimally protected even when the heat load increases.

IT equipment such as servers, routers, and switches are electronic devices that are usually very susceptible to high temperatures. These not only impair the general service life but can also lead to a complete failure of the equipment in the worst case. This can result in high costs because often it is not just the expense of a new purchase. Your employees may be dependent on a functioning IT infrastructure in order to carry out their work, and a work stoppage can increase the costs immensely. Furthermore, important data is sometimes stored on the respective devices, which can be lost in the event of a device defect.


With shelves, you create additional compartments in the cabinet on which additional IT equipment can be placed. We offer a wide variety of shelves as accessories. From permanently integrated shelves to pull-out shelves or models with integrated air slits, you can find the right shelf for your requirements. In addition, we also have special heavy-duty shelves as accessories in our range, which have a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kilograms. So if you want to expand your IT infrastructure, you can use the shelves to create space for more equipment in the server cabinet. 

Early fire tester detection and extinguishing

By integrating an early fire detection and extinguishing system as an accessory, you can additionally protect your server enclosure in the event of a fire and thus ensure that important data is protected. The system registers an extreme rise in temperature as well as smoke development and immediately initiates extinguishing measures to protect the equipment. Early fire detection should be considered especially if your server cabinet is located in places with high temperatures and a generally increased risk of fire. Basically, however, short circuits can always occur inside the cabinet, leading to fires. Accordingly, accessories are relevant for anyone who manages important data.

Monitoring systems

If you want to permanently monitor various parameters such as temperature, humidity, current load, or voltage, our monitoring systems are available as accessories. These are divided into rack monitoring systems, which monitor these parameters inside the cabinet, and environment monitoring systems, which continuously monitor the environment. Especially in large IT infrastructures with many server racks, such as those found in data centers, extensive monitoring makes sense in order to prevent possible failures and data loss. With many devices, faults and malfunctions would sometimes not even be noticed without precise monitoring. Our monitoring systems immediately sound the alarm in the event of an abnormality and notify the responsible person via SMS, e-mail, or SNMP.

RackMaster operating element

The RackMaster is an operating element with which the computers located in the 19-inch server cabinet can be operated. It offers a mouse, keyboard, and a display with which the respective adjustments can be made. The accessories only have to be connected to the corresponding switch. It is then possible to switch back and forth between the individual computers at the simple push of a button, which makes processing even more uncomplicated. The RackMaster is characterized by high quality and robustness in workmanship. So if you often have to adjust the settings of your servers, the RackMaster is an excellent solution for working in a more time-saving and organized way.

UPS systems for reliable power supply

To keep IT equipment such as servers, routers, and switches running smoothly, you need a reliable and continuous power supply. Many conventional power supply units do not provide this, often experiencing small failures and interruptions in fractions of a second. A UPS system manages to intercept these small interruptions and is also excellently protected against possible voltage peaks that might cause damage to the IT equipment. Especially for larger server rooms or data centers, it is worth investing in a reliable power supply.

KVM Switches for operating several computers at the same time

KVM switching is the use of several computers with the same mouse and keyboard on one screen. This requires an appropriate KVM switch, which you can find in our selection of accessories. These are often used to operate a server cabinet with a large number of servers in it. Accordingly, they are already used in data centers with large IT infrastructures. The devices in our shop are suitable for network environments in small offices, in medium-sized companies as well as for large companies and data centers. We are also happy to provide you with a test device in advance so that you can convince yourself of the quality of the accessories.

Charging station for tablets

The Scalery-Tab ChargingStation is a charging station, especially for tablets, on which up to 10 devices can be charged simultaneously. In addition, the station is equipped with a timer, which ensures that the power supply unit and hub are disconnected from the mains after a pre-set time. The workmanship and quality of the charging station are generally very high, it consists exclusively of components manufactured in Germany. Commissioning the device is also very uncomplicated. After short wiring, the station is ready for use. Of course, the Scalergy-Tab can also be integrated into a 19-inch server cabinet if required. If several tablets are used on a daily basis in your company or data center, a charging station can be very interesting for you. This way you can ensure that tablets are always ready for use.

Further accessories

The previously mentioned equipment in our range represents only a small part of the accessories. In addition, you will find many more products with which you can expand your server cabinet with new functions or which ensure the proper functioning of the cabinet. If you want to make your cabinet more mobile, we have castors on offer that you can install on your model. In addition, you will also find retrofittable screens, side panels, or door levers with combination locks as well as a large selection of socket strips. You will also find all the screws and nuts required for fastening the individual components of the server enclosure under accessories in our online shop.

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If you are interested in a 19-inch server cabinet or wall cabinet for the secure storage of your IT equipment, Lehmann IT is the right contact. We have a huge selection of models with different sizes and functions, so you are sure to find a suitable server cabinet for your needs and wishes. If none of our models fully meets your requirements, we can also design and produce a completely customized solution for you. So if you are interested in a 19-inch server enclosure, whether a pre-produced model or an individual solution, please feel free to contact us. Of course, we will also help you with questions regarding our accessories. You can reach us by phone, e-mail, or via our contact form.

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