IP54 - IP 66 server cabinet from Lehmann IT

An IP54 server cabinet from Lehmann IT offers excellent protection for your IT equipment against all external influences. In our range, you will find a wide selection of different models - from a simple wall-mounted enclosure to complex industrial cabinets.

IP55 19" Wandgehäuse IP55 Wandgehäuse 19" Industrie Serverschrank mit Staubschutz und Spritzwasserschutz
19 Inch Wall Mount Cabinet IP55 Standard 19 Inch IP55 Wall Enclosures 19" Server Cabinet for industrial use DS CAB - IP54
RZ Pro Rack IP54 19" Serverschrank DS-CAB  
RZ Pro Racks IP54 Standard 19" Acoustic Server Cabinet for industrial use DS CAB - IP54



What are the benefits of an IP54 server cabinet?

To be well-positioned in times of digitalization and Industry 4.0, companies need an appropriate and secure IT infrastructure. This requires a large number of IT devices such as servers, routers, or switches, which, like most technical devices, are expensive to purchase. Since electronic equipment is extremely susceptible to damage from external influences such as heat, cold or dust, and dirt deposits, costly new purchases can become necessary more frequently. In an IP54 server cabinet, all IT equipment can be stored neatly and compactly and protected from these very possible damages.

With a server cabinet, however, not only is the general life of the equipment extended, but downtime is also significantly reduced. If your employees depend on a stable internet connection to do their job and can't keep up with it in the event of a possible outage, this can cost you dearly. An investment in an IP54 server cabinet can therefore pay off in the medium to long term and save you considerable expense.

What does IP54 mean?

IP is an abbreviation for the protection class of an item and means "International Protection" in English. It describes the degree of protection against external ingress such as water. For this reason, the abbreviation of the protection class is often also described as "Ingress Protection", which translates as "The protection against ingress". This class is determined after a product has been subjected to extensive tests and a clear assignment is possible. In principle, of course, these tests can be carried out for all products, but in the case of server cabinets, this test is particularly useful because they contain and are intended to protect electronic equipment. Moisture penetration, for example, can cause short circuits. Equally dangerous is dust falling in, which can potentially clog the fan, leading to high temperatures and hot spots inside the cabinet. All of this can lead to significant damage to the electronics or failures.

Basically, the higher the IP rating, the greater the protection offered by the product, in this case, the server cabinet. The IP protection class marking always consists of two digits, together they define exactly the degree of protection. The IP protection classes are defined in the ISO 20653 and DIN EN 60529 directives.
The first digit is always on a scale from 0 to 6 and makes a statement about the protection against penetrating foreign bodies and possible access by touch. With code number 0, the product is completely unprotected against these external influences, a 6 describes the protection as "tight against dust" according to the guidelines. In the case of an IP54 server cabinet, the degree of protection is 5, which means "protected against dust" according to the guidelines. It, therefore, offers very good protection against dust and contact, which is usually the maximum protection for server cabinets. Code number 6 is difficult to achieve because server cabinets require fans and openings as a cooling system, which prevents a completely sealed design.

The second code number of the IP protection class, on the other hand, describes the protection against water and lies in the range from 0 to 9. According to the corresponding ISO and DIN EN guidelines, 0 means that the respective product is unprotected from water. With a maximum protection level of 9, the product even offers protection against water from high-pressure and steam jets as well as permanent submersion. For an IP54 server cabinet, a degree of protection of 4 provides good protection against splashing water. Since server cabinets are not submerged, this degree of protection is usually perfectly adequate. Splash water protection is particularly useful for industrial use. 

The advantages of IP54 server cabinets

An IP54 server cabinet can be a perfectly sensible purchase for many sectors. Many companies, whether industrial or office-based, now have huge IT infrastructures. In times of digitalization, Industry 4.0, and Big Data, the demand for IT equipment such as servers, routers or switches is already huge and will continue to grow in the future. Since electronic devices are fundamentally expensive to purchase, setting up and maintaining the operation of a well-functioning IT infrastructure is extremely costly, especially if the equipment has to be replaced regularly after damage.

Server cabinets protect the IT equipment they contain from all external influences and thus extend their service life, which can save considerable costs in the medium to long term. However, damaged equipment not only incurs the costs of a new purchase but often also leads to downtime or data loss, which can once again exceed the purchase costs. Especially in companies that depend on a functioning infrastructure during work or rely on a large amount of data, employees will not be able to continue their work due to IT failures. Of course, you still have to compensate them for their working time.

The selection criteria for an IP54 server cabinet

IP54 server cabinets are available in different designs and variants. Which server cabinet is best suited for your purposes, of course, depends largely on your requirements. First of all, of course, you should choose a suitable size for the cabinet. Basically, the minimum size of the cabinet is determined by your existing IT equipment to be stored. IT equipment and server cabinets have a standardized width of 19 inches, so all servers and routers will easily be stored in the cabinet. The total amount of equipment you can store in the cabinet depends on the height. To measure the height, the unit HE, for height unit, is used. 1 U equals a total of 44.45 millimeters and provides space for one IT device. Accordingly, a server rack with 20 U provides space for up to 20 devices. When choosing the size of the server cabinet, you should not only consider your current needs. We always recommend choosing a larger cabinet in order to have some leeway for possible company expansions.
Furthermore, IP54 server cabinets differ in their functions. Here, too, it depends on the environment in which the server cabinet is placed. If it is located near workstations or in direct proximity to customers, you should be aware that IT equipment emits a noise that can be disruptive during work activities. In this case, it is advisable to purchase an acoustic cabinet, which suppresses all noise emissions by means of insulation.

On the other hand, if your cabinet is placed in a location where higher temperatures prevail, which can often occur in industrial production halls, we strongly recommend choosing a cabinet with an integrated cooling system. This keeps the IT equipment cool and prevents the formation of so-called hot spots, which can lead to damage and failures. Cooling systems are divided into passive and active cooling systems. Passively cooled server cabinets have individual air slots and openings in the housing that provide air circulation in the cabinet, keeping the equipment at an appropriate temperature. This type of cooling system can become problematic in dusty environments, as dust may build up in the openings and affect air circulation. In this case, we advise using an active cooling system. These are implemented either by an integrated fan, a special air conditioner, or even cooling systems built into the case. Which cooling system is the best for your purposes depends largely on your requirements and the environment in which the cabinet is placed.

Individual IP54 server cabinets from Lehmann IT

If you do not find an IP54 server cabinet in our offer that fully meets your requirements, we are also able to develop and produce a special cabinet that is exactly tailored to your needs. All you have to do is to tell us your ideas in a short conversation.

If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone, by e-mail, or by using our contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry.