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19-inch server cabinets with integrated fire protection can basically be placed in all locations where there is an increased risk of fire in order to optimally protect the devices located in the server cabinet as well as all relevant data. For this purpose, we at Lehmann IT have developed and designed various solutions that can be used for numerous applications and requirements.

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EDGE Computing 19 inch server rack

Fire extinguishing in the server cabinet

Fire-resistant security 19-inch server cabinet

When should a server cabinet with fire protection be considered?

Basically, a 19-inch server cabinet with an integrated fire protection function can never hurt, as fires can occur anytime and anywhere, often caused by electricity or human error. However, these models are especially interesting for companies that want to place the cabinets in locations with increased fire risk.

As a rule, however, fire-protected server cabinets are used in the industrial sector. In times of Industry 4.0 and the advancing digitalization of industrial processes, reliable IT infrastructures are increasingly needed in production halls. These are often subject to high temperatures because the machines used there radiate heat during operation or the production processes themselves require these temperatures. In addition, the amount of dust is very high, which is also harmful to unprotected IT equipment. This is because this dust accumulates on and in the equipment and can sometimes clog air slots and fans, which has a strong negative impact on air circulation in the cabinet, resulting in so-called hot spots. At these points, there is an extremely high temperature locally, which can cause considerable damage to the equipment.

Especially in industrial halls, IT equipment should therefore be well protected, which is why the purchase of a server cabinet is inevitable. Since the risk of fire in these industrial halls is very high due to the high temperature or the use of highly flammable substances, it is recommended to immediately choose a model with integrated fire protection. In the event of a fire, this will not only protect the equipment but also all the data stored on the servers.

What consequences can fire have for IT equipment?

Even small and quickly contained fires can cause damage with high costs. Even server racks without integrated fire protection can be severely affected in a very short time. If a fire is not quickly detected and appropriately fought, IT equipment will be very badly damaged as a result of sooting and corrosion. Smoke development also has severe consequences for the servers, routers, and switches in the cabinet. The technology is no longer salvageable as a result of a fire, and the data on the devices can also be irretrievably lost. A server cabinet with fire protection not only protects the devices themselves but also gives you enough time to save the data.

How does fire protection in the server cabinet work?

The fire protection server cabinets are certified according to the relevant DIN and EN guidelines and offer fire resistance of approximately 90 minutes. In addition, the models comply with the IP54 protection class, which is an indicator of protection against dust and water, however, both of which can also be potential hazards for server cabinets in industrial halls. The surface of the server cabinets is highly resistant to chemicals and moisture. The cabinets have sensors that measure the exhaust air temperature and smoke development in the cabinet. If this is too high, all ventilation openings are immediately closed.

According to the European classification EN 13501-1, our server cabinets have the marking As1d0. The "A" indicates that the cabinet itself does not contribute to the fire, which is the highest rating for this fire safety aspect. The "s1" (for low smoke emission) and "d0" (no burning drip) markings are also the highest indexes for the aspects considered, according to the EN directive.

The classification EN 13501-2 is also important for the classification of fire protection for various devices. Our cabinets have the specification EI 90, which means that the cabinet is fire resistant for 90 minutes. The inner and outer walls of the server cabinet are non-load-bearing, as no loads are applied to them. This is expressed by the two letters "EI".

Special Edge Computing Solution for Data Centers

We have developed the Edge Computing 19-inch server cabinet solution, especially for data centers to meet the high requirements there. These are models that have all the features important for server cabinets, including extremely comprehensive fire protection. They feature a fire-resistant shell with smoke-tight doors that provide approximately 90 minutes of fire resistance. The interior of the cabinet is equipped with so-called low-temperature insulation, which further increases the protection in case of fire. For the case of fire itself, an early detection system is integrated, which uses sensors to measure relevant data such as temperature and smoke development. Optionally, this early detection can be extended by an extinguishing system.

Subsequent integration of an early fire test detection system

If you already own a server cabinet and would like to integrate fire protection downstream, our subsequent integration of an early fire tester detection with extinguishing technology is suitable for this purpose. This is a compact device that can be integrated into the cabinet immediately. The device can be used in any cabinet without any problems so that it is possible to switch quickly between individual existing and new models if necessary. In total, the device can be used to monitor up to 5 server cabinets located in one system. It permanently monitors possible smoke and the extreme temperature rises and works 400 times more precisely than a conventional smoke detector. In the event of a fire, the necessary fire extinguishing measures are initiated immediately. The early fire detection system is the most cost-effective solution to make your cabinet fire safe if you do not already own one. So if you want to provide fire protection for your IT equipment, but don't want to buy a completely new server cabinet model for it, this solution is most likely to pay off due to the price/performance ratio.

Further functions of 19-inch server cabinets

In addition to comprehensive fire protection, our 19-inch server cabinets also have other protective functions and mechanisms that can protect the IT equipment in your cabinet from external influences. Maybe some of these functions are also interesting for you. Basically, however, you are free to decide which protective functions your server cabinet should offer and which ones you do not need. We basically have a large selection of server cabinets, so you will surely find a suitable model. If not, we are also able to design and build an individual cabinet according to your requirements and wishes. Basically, our cabinets still have the following protection mechanisms:

Theft protection

Of course, the 19-inch server cabinets can be locked inaccessibly, so that the IT equipment is protected against possible theft. Additionally, other anti-theft mechanisms such as a combination lock can also be integrated. So if your cabinets are located in an environment with large crowds, whether employees or customers, we strongly recommend a cabinet model with anti-theft features. The loss of IT equipment due to theft is very annoying, as not only do new ones have to be purchased, but large amounts of data are also lost.

Protection from dust

Dust is the natural enemy of IT equipment. Over time, this accumulates on and in servers, routers, and switches, where it can clog ventilation openings or fans that are responsible for cooling the equipment. This impairs air circulation inside, leading to the formation of so-called hot spots, localized areas of high temperature. This places a great strain on electronic equipment and can not only reduce service life but also lead to component failure.

Noise protection

If the server cabinet is placed in the direct vicinity of customers or employees, it is worth integrating sound insulation so that they are not disturbed by the emitted noise. Under certain circumstances, this can reduce the productivity of your employees. So, if you want to place the cabinet in a normally quiet environment, it is recommended to choose a model with integrated soundproofing.

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