Lehmann IT – everything you need to know about our company

Our company was founded in 1983 and initially specialized entirely in the manufacture of printer hoods with integrated noise and dust protection. Nowadays, Lehmann IT is a recognized manufacturer and supplier for the IT and electronics industry, which is particularly convincing with its high-quality and innovative server and network cabinets.

From the printer hood to the server cabinet - a short journey through time

As already mentioned, our story began in 1983 with the plan to construct printer hoods, which on the one hand protect the print devices from dust deposits, but on the other hand also reduce the noise generated by printers, scanners and copiers. Since we have already had great success with the printer hoods, we made the plan to develop and produce protective devices for other electronic devices as well. This resulted in our CPU containers, which were specially designed for storing PCs and also offered full protection against dust and noise.

After that, we set ourselves bigger goals and started the independent development of complex LAN shelving systems and EDP control stations, which were mainly used in server rooms, data centers, laboratories and workshops, i.e. in rooms with large IT infrastructures. All equipment can be stored clearly and securely in the shelving systems. The IT control centers are highly complex solutions for monitoring technical processes. With increasing digitization and growing amounts of data, the number of servers, routers and switches also increased, which required solutions for the secure storage of these devices. In this course, we began to manufacture and sell our own server cabinets and network cabinets. Since the corresponding IT equipment has a standardized size of 19 inches, we also designed our server cabinets for this. As a manufacturer, we are constantly developing our server cabinets and producing special solutions on this basis. In addition to cabinets with integrated noise protection, we also developed some with complex climate control systems. Over the years, we released more and more server cabinets in different variants and sizes, thereby constantly expanding our product portfolio. In order to do justice to the larger space requirement and to be able to continue to offer our customers comprehensive service, we moved the entire company to a new company building in 2012.

A brief overview of our products

In 40 years of company history, we have constantly developed as a company and accordingly expanded our product portfolio with further, innovative products. Today we offer an extensive portfolio that includes server cabinets for all requirements and circumstances. If you need a special solution, we are also able to produce it. Basically, our range offers conventional 19 inch server and network cabinets in the basic version. We also offer special acoustic cabinets. These suppress the noise emanating from electronic devices and thus protect employees and customers who may be disturbed by them.

We also offer cabinets with built-in air conditioning. The cooling is achieved by different systems. A distinction is made between active and passive cooling. Passive cooling systems include openings and louvers built into the cabinet, through which cool air constantly enters. The resulting air circulation keeps the IT equipment cool. Active cooling systems are achieved, for example, by fans or air conditioning units, which have to be supplied with energy for operation. The cooling capacity is of course many times higher than with passive systems.

For smaller numbers of devices, we have developed more cost-effective solutions with our wall cabinets and housings, which can also be placed excellently at home or in the office. Due to the compact design, they do not take up much space and can also be set up in the corners of a room.

In addition to smaller cabinet solutions, we also offer large solutions that are particularly suitable for data centers or companies with huge IT infrastructures. The models, which are called colocation racks, are the most technically advanced and specially designed for the high demands in data centers. Servers can be organized well and clearly, the complex systems offer excellent cooling performance and comprehensive protection against theft.

Within industrial companies, numerous processes are also being digitized as part of Industry 4.0. Accordingly, servers, routers and other network devices are required in production halls, where there are usually difficult conditions with high temperatures and a high level of dust as well as an increased risk of fire. In order to protect the devices there as well, we have developed solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions prevailing there. They not only comply with the general fire protection guidelines but are also IP54 certified, which is proof of the protective effect against dust and water.

Of course, we haven't forgotten our beginnings either, and accordingly we still offer extremely successful printer hoods and CPU containers that are ideal for protecting PCs and print devices.
Finally, we also have an extensive range of accessories for you, which revolves around the server cabinet. Spare parts are also available from us in large quantities.

Our corporate values

The customer is always the top priority in everything we do. That is why we attach great importance to customer service and support in our company. To ensure that all customers are satisfied with our services, we manufacture each of our server cabinets with the highest quality awareness and the most exacting precision in order to provide you with a satisfactory product with long service life. We make sure that we always offer our products at fair and market-driven prices. Of course, we hope that we can convince you with the quality of our server and network cabinets, the fair pricing policy, and the extensive customer service so that we will remain or become your number one contact for all IT cabinet systems in the future.

Furthermore, we try to constantly develop our server cabinets and prepare them for the future. With our Green IT project, we want to make our systems more energy-efficient and generally more environmentally friendly. The SideCooler in particular is one of our flagship projects for energy efficiency. It has an air-water heat exchanger installed for air conditioning, which has an output of up to 30 kW. Energy efficiency saves you money and is becoming more and more important, also in the IT industry.

Individual solution from Lehmann IT

If you do not find a suitable solution for your requirements and wishes in the selection of our server cabinets, we will be happy to develop and produce an individual special solution that is precisely tailored to this. We should discuss this together in advance in order to clarify all outstanding questions comprehensively. We then start work immediately so that we can deliver the individual server cabinet to you as quickly as possible.

Our production

Since we attach great importance to the quality of our products, we produce all of our server and network cabinets directly on site in Germany. The quality seal "Made in Germany" applies to each of our products. You can be sure that every cabinet has been manufactured to the highest standards and corresponds to all the certificates issued. When selecting the materials, we pay close attention to high quality.

How to contact us

If you would like to order a custom-made product or have any questions about our server cabinets or their application, you can of course contact us in several ways. For example, you can easily use our contact form. In addition, we can also be reached by telephone and e-mail. We look forward to your inquiry.