Stainless Steel Server Cabinets

Robust Protection for Your Technology: Stainless Steel Server Cabinets

Did you know that our wide range of server cabinets and network cabinets is now also available in stainless steel? These stainless steel versions offer a multitude of advantages, meeting your requirements and providing an outstanding protective solution for your electronic devices. Our stainless steel server cabinets are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and wear. They are particularly suitable for environments with extreme conditions and the highest demands for device protection.

These cabinets come in various configurations, including office server cabinets, open 19" racks/frames, IT Plus server cabinets, high-end server cabinets, RZ Pro server cabinets (for data centers), and wall-mounted server cabinets. Additionally, we offer the option to integrate soundproofing (acoustic server cabinet) and climate control solutions.

With a stainless steel configuration, you not only get exceptional protection but also durability and reliability. Our cabinets are certified according to protection classes like IP54 and IP34, providing protection against dust, splash water, and solid foreign objects. This ensures that your sensitive electronic devices remain safe and secure, even in the most demanding environments.

Place your trust in the technical excellence and quality of our stainless steel server cabinets to securely store your valuable devices and protect your infrastructure. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements.