Lead is Dead. The Future of UPS technology is green.

With lithium-ion technology, the days of changing and disposing of old, heavy lead-acid batteries are over.

Increase Capacity

Our lithium-ion UPS utilizes less space in the server rack and allows for greater server rack capacity.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

Eliminating toxic lead waste and reduced energy consumption makes our A6000 UPS better for the environment and green energy goals.


Less power consumption, lighter weight, and longer battery life equal operational costs savings that impact immediate and long-term budgets.

7x Longer Runtime

The extended runtime of the lithium-ion battery technology provides a longer lifetime value of the UPS.


Innovation is the driving force at Enconnex. When customers have problems, we build solutions.

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

We have standardized out-of-the-box solutions, so customers simply pick the specs and receive fully constructed and outfitted orders.

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  1. AC6000 Lithium-ion UPS
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